1983 Vintage Fender American Stratocaster

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Experience the timeless beauty and iconic tone of the 1983 Vintage Fender American Stratocaster. Crafted in the USA by Fender, this guitar represents the pinnacle of guitar craftsmanship.

This Fender Stratocaster features a classic Alder body, known for its balanced tonal characteristics and resonance. The iconic "C"-shaped Maple neck with a maple fingerboard offers a comfortable playing experience, perfect for both rhythm and lead playing styles.

Equipped with three single-coil pickups, this axe delivers the legendary tone that has defined countless genres of music. From sparkling cleans to gritty blues and soaring lead tones, this guitar offers a versatile sonic palette that will inspire your playing.

Whether you're a collector, a professional musician, or an enthusiast looking for a piece of Fender history, this guitar is a rare gem that embodies the legacy of Fender's most celebrated instrument.

  • Serial: E339267
  • Weight:7.50 lbs

Model: E339267
Manufacturer: Fender