Buckaroo Cymbal Cleaner

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This is the world famous Buckaroo Cymbal Cleaner. Highly sought out and in demand and generally hard to get, it is now available factory direct through Amazon for the first time. This chemically impregnated cotton wadding cymbal cleaner is messier than the rest but ask any band director, brass man, drummer or teacher/music store owner what the best cymbal cleaner in the world is and they will give you only one answer, Buckaroo. Best and most complete cymbal cleaner on the market. Since 1967. Directions: 1. Use rubber gloves. Tear off cotton ball size piece of wadding. 2. Wipe it on and work it in. Work one section at a time. 3. Wipe off and buff with clean cloth. 4. Once complete buff entire cymbal to a full luster. 5. Discard dirty rags responsibly. **Careful around logos as it can sometimes remove brand names.

Manufacturer: Buckaroo